Mission / Purpose

Shaping the Future with Innovations

We prioritize your needs, consistently improving our products with a focus on environmental friendliness. Our commitment to integrating green energy, influenced by both our values and yours, goes beyond solar solutions, contributing to a more sustainable world.

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we provide enduring products that last for over two decades, guaranteeing your satisfaction and seamless business operations, while making a positive impact on the environment.

a rich history

From wooden wheels to the biggest Mobile Led Screen and more

In 1929, the brothers Jans Paulus and Jans Adolf established ‘Gebroeders Jans’, initially crafting wooden wheels and cabinets.

Their unwavering dedication led the company to epitomize quality, specialty, and service.

Over the years, successors’ education and experience fuelled production expansion and diversification.

In 1976, Jans N.V. relocated to its current site in the Hoeselt Industrial Zone.

The growing demand for specialized transport vehicles and other constructions led to the birth of Jans Creacar in 1992 under JANS NV, founded by Jans Bruno.

In December 2012, Jans Bruno sold his shares in JANS Creacar to Marc Scherpenbergh, an engineer who had been with the company since the reorganisation in 1992.

Marc’s enduring passion for the company continues to drive Jans Creacar’s growth.

Sector experts

Innovation, not just a concept; it’s our daily practice.

At Creacar, our Engineering Department is vital to our innovative approach.

We specialize in creating new prototypes that seamlessly translate into end products. Our expertise lies in metal constructions combined with hydraulics, where precision meets performance.

Our skilled engineers and production teams collaborate closely, ensuring a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies into our prototypes.

This synergy allows us to craft advanced solutions that redefine industry standards, making our creations stand out.

Our collaborative effort results in pioneering designs that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Impressive numbers

World Largest mobile led screen


World largest mobile solar container


Lorries constructed


mobile led-screens


meet our expert team

Imagine it. Build it.

portret of Marc Scherpenbergh the Creacar CEO, in their paint facility.


CEO | Creative Engineer

portrait of Danny Jehaes the Creacar technical expert, in their paint facility.



portrait of Tristan Scherpenbergh the Creacar product developer, in their paint facility.


Product Development

Behind the Scenes Heroes

Our Production and administrative team

The complete Creacar team at their manufacturing and construction facility


Gunther, Ryan, Wouter, Daniel, Guido, Miroslaw, Yarne, Tristan, Hans, Lucas, Stanislaw, Jordy, Stef, Seppe, Danny, Bartosz, Jacek, Carmelina, Erik, Melkon, Marc, Heidi, Maxim, Bram, Jack, Simon

Certificates and seals

At Creacar, we prioritize a safe and meticulous work environment. Discover our Certificates and Seals, showcasing our commitment to quality and safety in every project we undertake.


(Technischer Überwachungsverein) is a reputable/known inspection body in Germany.

They check our strength calculations and inspect our constructions (welding, fuctionality, safety).


Our products with a CE label comply with the European Machinery Directive


Certificate of production. (This is required to manufacture trailers and semi-trailers). Evaluation carried out by Kiwa Belgium.


Certified welders. (Welder approval test certificate) Testing standard/code : NBN EN ISO 9606-1 ed 2017 (inspection body = Apragaz)


We chose Creacar because they are the absolute best at what they do. For this project they provided outstanding service and production of the highest quality.

Max Verbruggen

HD Ledshine

Creative and technically adept planning and top-notch execution.

Aleksander Boeder

Google Review

Creacar provides innovation, flexiblity and collaboration. They do what they promise.

Ronald de Zwart

De Zwart Vervoers

We chose Creacar because their products are the best you can get. They provide an outstanding service, build high quality products and offer great Belgian hospitality when we visit their company.

Jan Kooloos


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