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Meet our revolutionary Press Lorries, tripling transport capacity. With hydraulic belt conveyors for foam block transport, it’s user-friendly, lightweight, and offers wireless remote control.

Internationally recognized Press truck inventor

Revolutionising transport through efficiency breakthrough

Since 1983, Creacar pioneered the press truck, optimizing foam transport globally.

Over 100 trucks made enhance capacity by 300%, reducing emissions and costs.

Many clients see returns within 3 years.

A Press Lorry being filled with a second layer of foam

Versatile Press Lorry Constructions

3D Render of a double deck press lory by Creacar

Double Deck Trailer

Standard version of press lorry. With one intermediate floor. Can store up to 7 blocks.

3D Render of a triple deck press lory by Creacar

Triple Deck Trailer

Upgraded version with dual intermediate floors, accomodating 9 blocks for efficient storage.

3D Render of a press container by Creacar

Press Containers

The hydraulic equipment, housed in the container, facilitates various transport needs, from overseas shipping to other modes like trains and trailers.

Shaping the future with innovations

Creacar Press Lorries and Containers


Elevating our business

“Creacar provides innovation, flexiblity and collaboration. They do what they promise.”

Ronald de Zwart, De Zwart vervoers Consultancy, Nederland
A press lorry of de Zwart being loaded

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