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We are known for our creative constructions that transform industries, specializing in tailoring solutions such as Mobile LED Screens, Press Lorries for foam transport, Solar Solutions, and other custom constructions to meet unique client needs. Our company has a history dating back to 1929 and we pride ourself on our long-lasting quality, in-house production, and over 90 years of experience.
Creacar has been in business since 1929. Our company was originally established as ‘Gebroeders Jans’, crafting wooden wheels and cabinets, and has evolved over the years into Creacar, focusing on specialized transport vehicles and other constructions​.

Creacar is strategically situated in Hoeselt, a prime location at the heart of a vibrant economic region. Nestled in the midst of the triangle formed by Hasselt, Maastricht, and Liège, Creacar benefits from being just about 50 kilometers away from Aachen. This central position in the Euregio provides Creacar with a unique advantage.

Creacar offers a variety of innovative products and services specialized in metal, hydraulic, and electrical solutions. Our product range includes:

Press Lorries: These are specialized vehicles for foam transport that can carry up to more than three times a normal loading capacity. They are tailored to maximize efficiency and space utilization.

Mobile LED Screens: We are known for our mobile LED screens that are easy to transport and set up, available in various sizes from 6m² to 144m². These screens can be used for a range of events and are designed for easy operation and durability.

Solar Constructions: We offer solar solutions that are transportable and suitable for places where ecological alternatives are not available or only temporarily needed. This includes solar trailers and containers equipped with solar panels for green energy production, storage, and distribution.

Fair and Market Constructions: We can build custom food trucks, caravans, carnival games, arcades, and more, leveraging our experience and innovation to create unique constructions for various fairground and market needs.

Other Innovative Constructions: We also cater to custom projects with unique and completely customized products, turning innovative ideas or one-off project needs into reality.

Our  creative process involves collaborating with clients to tailor solutions from the ideation phase to production, ensuring clients are involved every step of the way and providing lifetime service support for the products.

Event Industry: Mobile LED screens are widely used for concerts, festivals, corporate events, and sporting events. These screens provide high-quality, large-scale visual displays necessary for live performances and audience engagement.

Renewable Energy Sector: Creacar’s solar constructions, such as solar trailers and containers, are perfect for providing green energy solutions at events, remote sites, or during emergencies where permanent installations are not feasible.

Transportation and Logistics: Press lorries designed by Creacar are specialized for efficient transportation, particularly in sectors that require the movement of voluminous materials, such as foam, due to their increased loading capacity.

Food and Hospitality: Custom food trucks and market solutions serve the hospitality industry by providing mobile vending solutions for food and beverages, which are essential for fairs, markets, and street food culture.

Construction Industry: The solar trailers and containers can also be used at construction sites, providing a portable and eco-friendly power source for tools and equipment in areas without access to the electric grid.

Marketing and Advertising: Creacar’s LED screens and custom vehicles can be used for outdoor advertising, helping businesses to showcase their brands and promotions in various locations with ease.

Entertainment and Leisure: Fairground and market constructions offer customizable solutions for leisure and entertainment businesses that require mobile setups, such as game booths, arcades, or exhibition stands.

Civic and Public Services: For municipalities and public service organizations, mobile LED screens and solar solutions can be used for public announcements, information dissemination during events, and as part of emergency response infrastructure.

By providing customized solutions, Creacar enables these industries to solve unique challenges, whether they are related to visibility, energy efficiency, transportation, or operational flexibility. Their ability to create tailored products means that virtually any industry with specific requirements for mobile and innovative constructions could potentially benefit from their expertise.

You can reach out to us for inquiries by contacting us at the phone number (+32) 89 41 10 41. We also provide an option to enquire online directly through our contact section.

Ensuring our clients are happy and well-supported is a top priority for us at Creacar. Upon delivery of your custom solutions, we ensure you receive comprehensive care and instructions to guarantee seamless operation. We are committed to providing continued assistance, and make sure you are well-informed about how to contact us should any issues arise, ensuring reliable and ongoing support for your innovative products.

Creacar’s LED screens and trailers offer several advantages, including:

Mobility: They can be easily transported to various locations, providing flexibility for events or advertising campaigns.

Ease of Setup: Designed for quick assembly, our screens can be operational in a short amount of time, which is crucial for time-sensitive events.

Customization: We offer tailored solutions that meet specific customer needs, whether it’s size, resolution, or additional features.

Durability: Our trailers are built to withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use.

High Visibility: LED screens provide bright, clear displays that can attract attention even in daylight, enhancing audience engagement.

Yes, our products are known for their high degree of customization. We cater to specific customer needs and preferences, allowing for tailored solutions in terms of size, features, and design to suit various applications and industries. Whether it’s for mobile LED screens, press lorries, or our other innovative constructions, We can adjust and personalize our constructions to match the unique requirements of our clients.
Contact us for detailed inquiries or to discuss specific customization options.

The typical lead time for ordering and receiving products from Creacar would depend on various factors, including the customization level of the product, current production schedule, and the specific requirements of the order. For the most accurate and updated information regarding lead times, it would be best to contact us.
Yes, Creacar offers maintenance and repair services for its products. They have a commitment to ensuring the longevity and performance of their constructions, which typically includes after-sales support such as maintenance and repairs. For specific service offerings, warranty details, or to schedule maintenance or repair work, it’s recommended to get in touch with us.

Creacar typically offers full support for the installation and setup of our products to ensure that they are correctly and safely installed, and that you can use them to their full capacity from the get-go. This support includes hands-on assistance from our team, ensuring that each product is operational and meets the high standards set by us.

At Creacar, reaching out to us is straightforward and convenient. You can always contact us through email or by using the online enquiry form found on our contact page. We welcome you to try and call us whenever it’s convenient for you should we not be available we will return your call as soon as possible.
The cost of Creacar products varies based on factors such as customization, size, and specific features requested. For accurate pricing, it’s best to contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and obtain a detailed quote. We can provide you with a price that reflects your particular requirements for our innovative products.

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