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Explore amm our skills such as hydraulics, metal construction, electrical services, industrial spray painting, 3D drawing, laser cutting, CNC bending, pneumatics, and precise structural calculations.


In the heart of our creations, hydraulics play a vital role, and at Creacar, we excel in this domain. With extensive experience, we craft bespoke solutions using diverse hydraulic components. Our expertise ensures precise, reliable, and efficient performance, guaranteeing the success of every project.

Metal Construction

Metalwork is where Creacar truly shines. Armed with cutting-edge machinery and a skilled workforce, we specialize in metal construction, working with materials such as iron, aluminum, and steel.

Electrical Services

Our profound experience in electrical services speaks volumes. From complex systems to PLC routines and wiring solutions, each TUV-certified for quality and safety, we ensure seamless operation and automated procedures.

Industrial Spray Painting

Precision defines our approach to industrial spray painting. Inside our controlled environment, trailers receive meticulous attention, from dust removal to temperature control. Each trailer undergoes flawless application of chosen colors and finishes.

3D Drawing

At Creacar, Autodesk Autocad and Inventor are integral to our design process. Our extensive library of reusable components forms the foundation of our 3D drawings. We use these illustrations for concept visualization and production streamlining.

Laser Cutting and CNC Bending

As a comprehensive solution provider, we offer laser and plasma cutting alongside precise CNC bending. Beginning with meticulous 3D drawings, our CNC bending guarantees tolerances within a single millimeter. This unwavering precision ensures the highest quality in every project, setting our work apart.


Creacar delivers complete pneumatic braking system installations, a testament to our comprehensive capabilities. Our installations adhere to ISO standards for trailer connectors, ensuring safety and compliance in every solution we provide.

Structural calculations

Building tailor-made products requires precise structural calculations, a service we offer consistently. Our calculations are validated, tested, and approved by TUV Germany, ensuring that each product we create is not only lasting but also safe.

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