Our record breaking Solar construction for Bolt Energy visits Technopolis

In an era where green energy is not just a preference but an imperative, we at Creacar are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable innovation. Our venture, in collaboration with Bolt, has set a new standard in renewable energy solutions.

Showcasing commitment through our record-breaking construction.

This project, involves showcasing Bolt’s commitment to advancing green technology through our record-breaking solar construction.
Bolt’s latest venture brings them to Technopolis, Mechelen. Technopolis, renowned for their dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable development, serves as the perfect venue. Their commitment to achieving a carbon-neutral footprint aligns seamlessly with the vision of Bolt and Creacar.
By hosting our pioneering solar construction, Technopolis demonstrates their support for innovative, eco-friendly initiatives.
a child enjoying herself at Technopolis learning about solar energy
light bulb and solar energy panel

A symbol of renewable energy

Bolt, a leader in green energy solutions, has always been driven by a mission to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and lower carbon emissions. Their decision to partner with Creacar for this solar project reflects this ethos. The installation at Technopolis is more than just a solar array; it’s a symbol of renewable energy’s potential in urban settings.
Our solar installation, engineered with cutting-edge technology, spans a significant area and is capable of generating substantial amounts of clean energy. Its unique, mobile design allows for flexibility in deployment, showcasing the adaptability of solar solutions in different environments. This project showcases the future of carbon footprints, aligning with the shift to 100% renewable electricity across the world.
The choice of Technopolis as the site for this landmark solar installation is strategic. As a hub of technology and innovation, Technopolis is an ideal showcase for the capabilities of modern solar technology. Their commitment to a carbon-neutral future and focus on sustainability in their operations resonate with the missions of both Bolt and Creacar.
Our record breaking mobile solar panel construction symbolized in the green canopy of trees

A showcases of expertise in solar technology

At Creacar, we take pride in our role in this project. It not only showcases our expertise in solar technology but also underscores our dedication to sustainable energy solutions. This project marks a significant milestone in our journey to support and accelerate the global energy transition.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to maintaining our leadership in the solar energy sector and continuing to develop advanced, efficient, and sustainable solar energy systems. Collaborations like this one with Bolt are key to achieving a more sustainable future for all.


This visit to Technopolis is a beacon of hope and an example of what’s achievable when innovation meets sustainability. We are excited about the future and remain devoted to delivering green energy solutions that benefit our planet.

For more information about Technopolis and their sustainability efforts, please visit Technopolis’ official website.

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