Easy-to-Use durable mobile LED screen construction

Creacar’s mobile screens have a simple design that is easy to operate in just 30 minutes.
  • Built-in power unit.
  • The screen can turn 360°
  • Assured leveling and stability
  • Built from scratch.

Inventor of the mobile led screen

Infinite horizons: Pushing mobile LED screen frontiers

Since pioneering mobile LED screens in 1996, we’ve crafted over 200 for events worldwide, ranging from 6m² to 144m² in trailers, trucks, or containers.

Continuous learning and cutting-edge technology drive us, resulting in recordbreaking achievements. We build the biggest mobile LED screens.

Partnering closely with clients, we consistently exceed expectations.

The ultra wide mobile LED screen by Creacar in use at the Tour de France. Showing Video image of the race while the racers ride by.

Versatile Press Lorry Constructions

Open Led trailer

Perfect for events, open LED trailers offer unobstructed views and weight saving, allowing more screen tiles.

Closed Led trailer

Closed LED trailers: Quick setup, ultimate protection, and secure control room for operators.

Semi-open/closed Led trailer

For bigger mobile screens, in both open and closed configurations we offer semi-trailer options.

Open/closed Led truck

Endless options with custom-made trucks. You choose the truck, select the perfect screen, and define how it integrates.

Fixed Led screen

Fixed screens categorize into three types: stand-mounted, suspended, or wall-mounted, each offering versatile screen positioning and adjustment choices.

Led container

A container offers a blend of open and closed semi trailer benefits while sitting ±1m lower. Providing speedy screen setup and excellent screen protection.

Innovative constructions

Our mobile LED screen constructions


Elevating our business

“We have chosen Creacar for a long time. They stand for high quality builds and good reliable relationships.”

Johan Ardmuir, Mediatec Solutions, Sweden

Mobile led screen truck built by Creacar Belgium for Mediatec Sweden

Your own Creacar mobile LED screen?

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Follow the creation process

After confirming the offer details, we begin crafting your mobile screen. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed about the progress of your screen every step of the way.

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Collect your Mobile LED Screen

Once the work is finished, you’re welcome to pick it up. We’ll personally guide you through all the technical aspects for smooth operation.

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Lifetime Service

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