Mobile LED screen container

Effortless and protected LED screen use

Discover the LED screen container, a harmonious blend of open and closed LED semi trailer attributes. Positioned lower than a traditional closed semi trailer, it streamlines screen setup and fortifies screen safety during transit and events, while facilitating a control room.

Transport multiple units together with a truck-trailer combo for unmatched efficiency.

Mobile LED screen container with the screen unfolded, ready for operation

Strategic and adaptable LED screen construction

Our LED container is a strategic asset, combining the best of both worlds with its swift setup and robust protection. The lower profile is ideal for maintaining sightlines and minimizing event disruption.

Every LED container we craft is a product of rigorous engineering, built to endure and provide stability against winds up to 7 Beaufort. They can house screens as large as 100 m², adaptable to various display needs.

Customization at its core

The true value lies in the customization potential—service platforms, generators, wind meters, and more can be integrated to suit your specifications.

With the LED screen container, your event’s display setup will not only meet but exceed expectations. Opt for the innovative and versatile solution that is our LED screen container.


LED screen Container

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LED Container

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We chose Jans Creacar because they are the absolute best at what they do. For this project they provided outstanding service and production of the highest quality.”

Max Verbruggen, HD Ledschine, Denderleeuw

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